What Happens After ISIS: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. The hell after ISIS

“Even as the militant group loses ground in Iraq, many Sunnis say they have no hope for peace. One family’s story shows why.

2. Liberals table assisted suicide bill

The federal government today introduced legislation to legalize doctor-assisted suicide for adults facing “foreseeable” death. The bill was spurred by a Supreme Court ruling that struck down the ban on physician-assisted dying. Only those 18-years or older will be eligible and will face an 15 day reflection period.

+1: A landmark ruling has placed 600,000 Métis and “non-status Indians” under federal jurisidction.

3. What’s the deal with online deals?

“A cat litter pan with a list price of $2,159 can be yours for a mere $28. A bag of doggy treats, normally $822, is only $8. A windshield wiper blade, which the unwatry pay $1,504 for, has been knocked down 99 percent.” From the New York Times: As commerce shifts more and more online, how can consumer know if they’re actually getting a deal or just being encouraged to think so.

4. Burning Man

“In the epic saga of human movement, migrants who have found themselves stranded in the desert faced injury, dehydration, rape, being jumped by thieves, and even murder. Only now it’s possible for many crossers to call 911 if they run into trouble. Cell coverage is strong enough across the borderlands that both Mexico and the United States run public messaging campaigns encouraging migrants to call for help before it’s too late.”

Motherboard looks at the role burner phones play in human trafficking, particularly in the borderlands between the United States and Mexico.

5. Where is my mind?

A new study has shown that a wandering mind might actually be affecting your happiness.