7 Apps You Need to Enjoy This Summer to the Fullest

Smartphone apps are like Kanye West’s tweets — they come out so quickly and are often so ill-conceived that it gets easy to ignore the new ones. But that would be a pity for your smartphone (and for Kanye — he likes the attention). Apps are stepping up this summer, and so are the men using them. From hyper-accurate weather reporting to stupid-proof photo editing, and customized email, these apps deserve to be more ubiquitous than The Life of Pablo.


Summer Apps6

Sometimes choosing the right filter for a photo can feel like tie shopping. There are so many types to choose from it’s practically impossible to decide on one. Plus, like it or not, your photos are essentially your identity these days. So, they’d best look good. With VSCO, you’ll never choose the wrong filter again. It’s a one-stop app with everything from filters to simplified editing tools to elevate your photography skills to an art form.


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Face it. You can’t trust the Weather Channel for a reliable forecast. Dark Sky is different. Using high power technology to predict (down to the second) when it’s about to strike, you’ll never be caught off-guard by the weather again.


Summer Apps3

Finding the perfect flight just got a heck of a lot easier. With the fastest, cheapest, and most up-to-date deals, KAYAK tells you everything you need to get from point A to B in style. Whether that means locking down an overnight business room, rental car or making sure your flight is on time, KAYAK does everything for you.


Summer Apps2

Too busy to go to the gym? Nice excuse. Say hello to a celebrity fitness trainer in your pocket. With five-minute workout apps specializing in cardio, yoga, stretching, and strength, exercise is actually doable. But you do still need to do it.


Summer Apps

It’s vacation time. You’re en route to Spain for the Tomatina Festival and the last time you spoke a word of Spanish was in first-year university. Don’t bother buying an outdated pocket book. Learn the language for free with interactive games, language lessons, and tests. You’ll have the basics down by the time you land in Buñol.


Summer Apps7

We all know the feeling. You forgot to read the brief before an important meeting, and you can’t find the email. Now the attachment with the PowerPoint you’re about to present isn’t opening. Stop panicking. Download Spark, the new-and-improved email app that will customize, prioritize, and organize your email like you mean business.


Summer Apps5

When they promised us that technology would make life easier, this is what they were talking about. Thanks, science. This app ends the age-old hassle of figuring out how to divide up payment after dinner. It’ll split the bill and calculate tips so you don’t have to. Sure, a gentleman always offers to pay the whole cheque, but so does a rube.