The BMW M4 GTS Is a Racecar You Can Own

Some things money can’t buy, but that doesn’t mean they’re priceless either. The limited-edition BMW M4 GTS costs $153,000, plus tax.


Only 50 of the 700 being built are coming to Canada, and they’ll sell out in no time. If you haven’t got a deposit in already, well, for you, even money probably can’t buy one of these.


What’s so special about it? It’s a racing-spec BMW you can buy straight from a dealership. Besides the garish orange roll cage, wheels, and wing, it’s got 100 extra horsepower, custom suspension, and a water-injection cooling system not seen on any other modern sports car. BMW built its reputation on making ultimate driving machines, so, yes, it should be quite spectacular.


We drove the GTS for a precious few laps at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain and can confirm it does indeed make you feel like a racecar driver. Everything is hair trigger twitchy and it lives for flat-out speed, but it’s set up to flatter amateurs. In the vernacular of 12-year-olds everywhere: it’s awesome.


Think of this car like you would collectible sneakers. It’s the Adidas Yeezy Boost or Air Jordan UNDFTD IV of sports cars: those into the scene understand the price and rarity and arcane naming conventions, but to outsiders it’s incomprehensible.