Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person: Here’s What’s Happening Today

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Here’s what we’re reading:

1. Why you will marry the wrong person

“Embrace the philosophy of pessimism. Every human will disappoint you, and you’ll do the same to them.”

2. Twitter Reaction: Stamkos, Subban, Hall, Weber insanity

“Here are some of the best tweets from Wednesday afternoon’s hockey news explosion.”

3. The fallacy of job security

No longer can the new college graduate step into his wingtips and expect to wear them out by climbing the career ladder at one solid company, or at a steadily growing small business.”

4. The weird reason why gun ownership in America is at its lowest point since the 1970s

“Meanwhile, gun purchases are at historic highs.”

5. First look at Tom Hanks as ‘Sully’

“Sullenberger was hailed as a hero for saving the lives of all 155 passengers and crew members, who were rescued from what became known as the ‘Miracle on the Hudson‘.”