This Tricked-Out Kitchen Trunk Will Make You the King of the Tailgate

The newest craze for young adults seems to involve picking up and heading off toward adventure. And no, we’re not talking about Pokemon Go.

More and more millennials are selling their possessions and taking up residence in tricked-out vans to travel the continent in comfy simplicity. The one thing most mobile residences seem to lack, however, is a convenient yet still fully functional kitchen.

The Scout Overland Kitchen is here to ensure that your days of grilling hot dogs over a pilot flame are behind you. The customizable, collapsable kitchen is made-to-order with the exact dimensions of the space you want to fit it in. Each one will fold out to epic proportions no matter what size you opted for. In addition to a sweet stovetop, the likes of which some people don’t even get with their condos, it includes the luxuries of a working sink, a fridge, a knife set with a matching utensil drawer, built-in cutting boards, and a three-tiered drawer system.

No matter what outdoor activity you need this killer kitchen for (camping, road tripping or tailgating) you’ll definitely be the hero when you roll up with a tricked-out trunk like this.


Scout Equipment, $5,000