Fort McMurray Set For Biggest Home Building Boom in Decades: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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Here’s what’s happening today:

1. Forget Trump – Peter Theil is the man you should watch at the RNC tonight

“Like Trump’s, Thiel’s speech will be one of the few in Cleveland (or Philly, for that matter) worth viewing in full, if only because the libertarian billionaire is, even more so than the man he’s opening for, a bizarre and fascinating man—his support for Trump is just one more strange item on a long list. And, unlike those who have taken the stage before him, Thiel isn’t a retired general, washed-up actor, incendiary evangelical, or reality show star, but a complicated member of the Silicon Valley elite.”

2. Almost 10 per cent of the city was destroyed. Now it’s time to rebuild

“Housing starts in the heartland of Canada’s oil industry could soar to 2,500 as large-scale efforts get under way to rebuild after wildfires swept through the region in May, Canada Mortgage and Housing Agency said, although much of the rebuilding isn’t likely to start until next year.”

3. US police are 3D printing a dead man’s fingers to unlock his phone

“The gist is this: a man was murdered, and the police think there might be clues to who murdered him stored in his phone. But they can’t get access to the phone without his fingerprint or passcode. So instead of asking the company that made the phone to grant them access, they’re going another route: having the Jain lab create a 3D printed replica of the victim’s fingers. With them, they hope to unlock the phone.”

4. We’re building urban dystopias on purpose

“The Burj Khalifa is not just a skyscraper, and Metropolis is more than a movie.”

5. Social media has convinced men they need chin implants

“Here’s the thing: A lot of guys today are making plastic surgery decisions based on how they look from all sorts of shitty and mostly virtual angles. There are a multitude of places where a man’s face might appear these days — Snapchat, Tinder, Grindr, FaceTime, Skype, Instagram and Facebook to name just a few. Together they shine a giant, hot spotlight on lifelong insecurities, and contour apps can’t fix everything.”