Americans Are Having a Hard Time With Chip-And-Pin Credit Cards, and It’s Kind of Adorable

America’s weird relationship with its plastic bank cards has reached a fever pitch. Our neighbours to the south are in the process of adopting EMV chip-and-pin credit cards, and gosh darn, are they having a tough go of it.

New York-based tech giant The Verge published this essay today entitled “Credit Card Companies are Blowing It On Chip Payments.” And, well, the whole thing is just kind of adorable. The rant was written by Executive Editor Dieter Bohn, one of the leading voices in tech journalism today and one of the founding editors of the Verge.

“We have to do this dance every time we check out, and it’s demeaning and dehumanizing”
-Dieter Bohn

“Let’s make card payments great again!” he might as well have written.

Keep in mind Canada has had chip-and-pin cards since early 2011. And yeah, maybe it was a little weird switching over. But demeaning and dehumanizing? Absolutely not.

Listen, America, I’m going to give it to you straight. You need to get over this. You have bigger problems to worry about than this (like that guy who wants to Make America Great Again™). And shit, look! Here’s a label maker on It’s $22.98. Why don’t you print out a nice little label (“No Chip!”) and tape it to your terminal.

You want something to really gripe about? Try coming up and here and paying more than more than twice as much  for that same label maker on

Photo: Dieter Bohn