Tamsen McDonough Wants to Invade Your Planet

If you’re a fan of the sci-fi series Killjoys, you probably recognize Tamsen McDonough’s voice — but not her face. And that’s okay by her.

The actress lends only her dulcet tones (so far) to the futuristic show as Lucy, a small artificially intelligent spaceship used for interplanetary transportation as well as a working and living space for the Killjoys team. Got that?

“I like to think that she would like to be human,” says McDonough. “She’s like the family dog who watches everyone go about their lives and wants to join in. Break out of her A.I. bonds, so to speak.”

Building a character who possesses nothing but a voice might seem like a daunting task for a lesser actor, but McDonough wasn’t fazed in the least. “It reminded me of an audition,” she says of Lucy. “You’re expected to create this character with wants, desires, motivations and a back story, but do it all within the frame of a camera pointed at you that won’t move. I find with a voice, you have a specific area that you need to stay in while still emoting to the best of your abilities.”


Who want to cosplay as for Comic-Con?

That’s very good. She’s not popular yet or anything, but I always enjoyed Black Cat from Spider-Man. I don’t believe she’s been properly brought out. She’s cool. Great outfit, cool chick.

Would you rather deal with an alien invasion or be a part of an invasion of a new planet?

I guess I would be an invader.


Would you rather fall in love with a superhero whose real identity you’ll never know or fall in love with someone whose superhero identity you’ll never know?

I’d probably prefer to not know the superhero identity. That sounds so stressful knowing that they’re going out, fighting crime and literally anything could happen!

Would you rather be the sidekick to a superhero or a villain?

Aw, that’s not a fair question! [Laughs.] Well, I guess I’ll go with the good answer and say the superhero. I want to say the villain because it would be more interesting, but I know myself and I’m a Pollyanna and I would want to do the right thing.


Would you rather live life as an A.I. or as a zombie?

A.I.! Hands down. I already have the experience. Lucy is awesome. This is a no-brainer. No pun intended!

Would you rather have toes as long as fingers or fingers as long as toes?

Toes as long as fingers. Pretty random. People wouldn’t think anything different of you if they saw you in shoes…they’d just think you have big feet. And then you could do stuff with your feet. Braid your friend’s hair while you also braid your own hair!


Photos courtesy of Alvaro Goveia, Chris Owen, David Fierro, LV Imagery, and David Fierro.