Our New Favourite Jeans Are Made of Paper

Our favourite Swedish denim brand, Nudie Jeans, is turning 15, and to celebrate, they’ve continued to do what they do best: create covetable jeans with a unexpected twist. In this case, their limited edition anniversary capsule collection, called “Bloodline,” features Japanese dry selvedge denim that is made from a mix of traditional cotton and surprising eco-friendly materials.

Hemp and bamboo have been floating around the fashion world for a while, most often subbing in for cotton in T-shirts, and work just as well in jeans. But would you have guessed that paper would find its way into your dungarees? One pair features a blend of paper and cotton yarns, making this one of the softest and lightest (paper yarn is 50% lighter than cotton) pairs of selvedge denim you’ll ever own.

It just goes to show that quality design and construction doesn’t always have to suffer in the name of sustainability and the environment. In these jeans, you’ll look as good as you feel.