We See Your Ugly Xmas Sweater and Raise You An Ugly Xmas Suit

Ugly Christmas sweater parties have become something of a cultural mainstay of late. And sure, why not? You wear a sweater with a 3D Rudolph on it, Kim in Accounting wears a sweater with real twinkling lights on it, and you both have a laugh over what giant goobers you are. Fun!

While we can’t exactly condone dressing ugly on purpose, we are always in favour of a suit that fits the occasion perfectly. So why not up the ante with one of these ugly Christmas suits from Shinesty Threads?


Whether you’re more of a “Christmas Tree Camo” kind of guy, or “Suave Christmas Patch Work” just sounds like the right move, Shinesty have you covered. So feel free to get as drunk as you want in front of your boss. He’ll have no choice but to promote you if you show up in one of these bad boys.

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