Everything About the First Trailer for ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Is Perfect

Calling it right now: Blade Runner 2049 is going to be 2017’s Mad Max: Fury Road. We were already indecently hyped the moment we heard Denis Villeneuve — the tonal mastermind behind the pulse-raising likes of Prisoners, Sicario and last month’s Arrival — would be directing this thing, alongside OG visionary Ridley Scott in a producing role and GOAT-level cinematographer Roger Deakins behind the camera.

But now we’ve got our hands on the very first teaser trailer, and sweet mother of Zeus is it ever glorious.

The ominous tones. The deliberate pace. The muted palette. The slithering, synth-heavy soundtrack. Harrison Mother-Effing Ford pointing a gun at Ryan Gosling. Sure, it’s just 90 seconds of footage, but it’s enough to make us feel mighty confident this’ll be the perfectly calibrated, exquisitely executed, incomprehensibly awesome, decades-later continuation to a seminal sci-fi classic we’d hoped it would be. The wait till next October just got even more excruciating.