Gunmen Hits Russian Ambassador to Turkey: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today:

1. Russian ambassador to Turkey assassinated

“The Russian ambassador to Turkey has been shot dead by a police officer who shouted ‘Don’t forget Aleppo’ as he pulled the trigger. The chilling attack on Monday evening, which was captured on video, appeared to be a backlash against the Russian military involvement in the Syrian civil war.”

The Guardian

+1: UN Security Council votes to send monitors to Aleppo – Vice News

2. Truck strikes Christmas market in Berlin leaving nine dead

“A truck driver plowed into a Christmas market late Monday in central Berlin, killing nine people and injuring several others, in what the police said they believed was an attack.

“German media reported that the truck jumped the sidewalk and drove into the crowd around wooden stands at the market, which was set up around the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.”

New York Times

3. Ottawa offers $11.5B to provinces for health care funding

“The federal government has told the provinces it will commit $11 billion in new health-care funding over the next 10 years for home care and mental health, in addition to a slightly higher increase in the general health transfer each year.

Health Minister Jane Philpott confirmed the numbers Monday afternoon, telling reporters in Ottawa a further $500 million was on the table to drive down prescription drug costs and foster innovation in the health care system.”

CBC News

4. White resentment on the night shift at Walmart

“If being white made life so much easier, the thinking seemed to go, why was it still so hard? The ready-made answers that are front and center in our culture — a rigged system, new workers taking jobs, corrupt politicians — are a big part of what put Donald J. Trump in office.”

New York Times

5. What would aliens do to the world’s religions?

“The discovery of life on another planet might seem incompatible with faith in a deity. Yet many theologians are already open to the existence of extraterrestrials.”