Trump’s Son-In-Law Will Meet with Trudeau’s Cabinet Tomorrow: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Canada-U.S. trade in balance, senior Trump advisor says

“A senior business adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump moved to play down Canadian concerns as he met with the federal cabinet in Calgary.

“Stephen Schwarzman, who heads the president’s strategic and policy forum and is the CEO of Blackstone Group, met privately with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and also with the full federal cabinet Monday. Mr. Schwarzman’s forum is made up of CEOs representing some of the largest companies in the U.S., including General Motors, IBM, Walt Disney and Wal-Mart.

“‘Things should go well for Canada in terms of any discussions with the United States,’ he said. ‘I think trade between the U.S. and Canada is really very much in balance and is a model for the way that trade relations should be… So I think Canada is very well positioned for any discussions with the United States.'”

The Globe and Mail

+1: Jared Kushner to meet with Trudeau and his Cabinet in Calgary – Vice News

2. How the super-rich are preparing for doomsday

“Some of the wealthiest people in America — in Silicon Valley, New York, and beyond — are getting ready for the crackup of civilization.”

The New Yorker

3. Australia will replace passports with biometric data by 2020

“The new system, which is set to be rolled out by 2020, will use facial recognition technology and fingerprint scanners to identify passengers as they pass through Australian airports. People arriving in the country would no longer be required to show their passports and desks fronted by immigration officers would be replaced by automated electronic stations.”

The Telegraph

5. Get ready to pay a whole lot more for salmon this year

“Lox lovers and sashimi devotees, prepare to shell out this year. According to the Nasdaq Salmon Index, salmon prices are at historic highs — and it’s all because of one tiny, nefarious little creature.

“The culprit behind the rising price of salmon is about the size of an aspirin: a parasite known as the sea louse, or salmon louse.”


4. Explaining anarchist action at the Inauguration Day protests in DC

The transcendental experience of watching Roger Federer play tennis, David Foster Wallace wrote, was one of ‘kinetic beauty.’ Federer’s balletic precision and mastering of time, on the very edge of what seems possible for a body to achieve, was a form of bodily genius. What Foster Wallace saw in a Federer Moment, I see in a video of neo-Nazi Richard Spencer getting punched in the face.”

The Nation