Mike Myers Defended Canada’s Honour in a Dance-Off With Jimmy Fallon

Ah, yes, that most storied of athletic rivalries: Canada vs. USA. We completely own our neighbours to the south at hockey. They mop the floor with us at, um, pretty much everything else. And now, another chapter in the eternal struggle has been written — on the dance floor.

Last night on The Tonight Show, loud-and-proud Canuck Mike Myers faced off against Jimmy Fallon in a “Dice Dance Off,” interpreting phrases like “Perpetual Motion,” “Hot Poutine,” and “Windy Plastic Bag” with nothing but the graceful movement of their bodies.

Fallon gives it his best shot, but let’s be honest: he’s taking on a true master of the physical form. Sure, it ends in a “tie” and the dance version of the Treaty of Ghent, but we all know who really won. Canadians are too damn nice.