Lindsay Lamb Talks ‘Blue Line,’ Burt Reynolds and Her Crippling Fear of Lizards

Not many people can say they’ve learned from the best and actually mean it. But Lindsay Lamb had one hell of a costar and mentor on the set of her recent film Apple of My Eye: Burt Reynolds.

“He was so charming and perfect,” says Lamb.”Burt is 80 years old and he’s still such a smooth talker, the women on set were swooning the whole time. He was so gracious and humble, he took pictures and gave out autographs for anyone who asked. Working with Burt and on that production as a whole, I learned how much goes into taking a film from start to finish and all the people needed for it to come to fruition.”

With her newest film Blue Line out next month and a few more projects on the way, the Florida native uses her history in professional theatre to remind herself to stay down to earth.

“Everyone thinks theatre actors are so over the top and full of drama,” laughs Lamb. “So, I went the opposite way and learned to be as toned down and relaxed as possible. As much as I love working in film, I would love to get to a place in my career where I can go back and forth between films and theatre. That would be a dream.”


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Don’t give up if it really means something to you, and if it doesn’t, find something that does!” This industry is so cutthroat that if you’re not 110 per cent in it, then you’re not going to succeed. If you’re doing something you love and giving it your all, you’ll always feel great about it.

What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Let me check. Oh, this is weird. My friend and I shoot these funny videos for Instagram and the last picture on my phone is from our most recent one. I’m standing outside on my street at the crack of dawn in this ridiculous dress and heels. Oh, and I’m in front of a garbage truck. So there’s that!


Who has been your favourite character to play?

It wasn’t a film, but my favourite character was from an acting class where we did a rendition of Sam Shepard’s Fool for Love and I played May. I worked on it for a while and she’s just an outrageous character who is so different than I am and is thrown into so many different circumstances that I’ve never had to be in. It’s always great to play someone who you don’t think you’d ever get cast as. It’s a great challenge.

If you only ate one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread and red wine. It’s my ultimate meal.


What cheers you up?

I have two little dogs, Scotch and Jovi, and they always put a smile on my face. I can be out of the house for less than two minutes and the second I walk back in they’re so excited to see me and don’t want me to leave again. It feels so nice.

What is your worst fear?

Probably disappointing someone that I care about or someone who’s opinion matters to me. Or disappointing myself. But, I also hate lizards! Growing up in Florida, there are lizards everywhere and they get into your house and your car. You basically need to play a game of Frogger with the lizards in Florida. So, yeah, two of my fears. [Laughs.]


What is your favourite song to dance in private to?

I’ve been listening to that song “Closer” that everyone is over, but I’m just discovering right now. I also really love to dance so I will dance to anything and anyone wherever I am. My playlists have everything from musicals to rap to country. If it has a tune, I’ll find a way to dance to it!

Images: Ryan West