The Colder It Gets in Montreal, the More You’ll Save on These Stylish Coats

Uncontroversial statement alert: Montreal is cold. We’re talking, like, Hoth cold. Rick James cold, even. And for the most part, that does nobody any good at all — it means spending all your time huddled inside beneath a pile of heavy blankets, scarfing down large amounts of poutine to keep your insides warm. (Actually, um, that doesn’t sound all that bad.) But Montreal-based outerwear label Cardinal of Canada, a nearly 80-year-old maker of some of the snappiest, warmest coats around, is looking to change all that. They’re going to make you beg for lower, harsher temperatures in the City of Saints.

cardinal-canada-coats - 2

For the entire month of February, the weather in Montreal will determine how big of a discount Cardinal will hand out on its finely crafted array of topcoats, pea coats and trenches. For every degree in Celsius the temperature dips below zero, the same per cent discount will be applied to purchases made that day. So  -10 C = 10 per cent off. Comprende?

cardinal-canada-coats - 1

And, yo: it’s -25 C in Montreal right now. That’s a full quarter off. Get on that, son.

Images: Cardinal of Canada