This Time Lapse of a Quebec Snowstorm Will Make You Reconsider Living in Canada

My parents emigrated to Canada from Singapore, a small island on the equator where the average temperature in January — which is its coldest month of the year, mind you — is a balmy 26°C. When I see videos like this one, posted on Reddit earlier today by a user named Lingenfelter, I’m tempted to call my mom and dad and ask them one simple question: WHY?!?!? 

Recorded on a Nest Cam over March 14th and 15th, the video depicts an all-too-familiar situation for most Canadians: a perfectly clear, snow-free suburban street getting dumped on by pile after Andre the Giant-sized pile of the white stuff, seemingly out of nowhere. In the course of a single day, the snow rises high enough to completely devour an SUV and force the homeowner out into an hours-long shovelling session. Yech.

It’s at once mesmerizing and disheartening, and makes me long for the sun-drenched tropical clime of my ancestral homeland. I love you and all, Canada, but you playin’. Call me when you remember that the Spring effing Equinox is four days away and it should not feel like -5°C in Toronto right now.