This Guy Played ‘QWOP’ in Real Life by Hooking Electrodes up to His Limbs

Remember QWOP? Of course you do. How could you forget? The floppy athlete-based browser game likely sapped away hours upon hours of your work or school life when it first arrived on the scene in 2008. Now, thanks to YouTuber James Hobson, your favourite procrastination tool has been brought to life like never before.

On his channel The Hacksmith, Hobson takes ideas from movies, video games and comic books and turns them into working gadgets. Between building Captain America’s indestructible shield and test driving hand-held jet packs, the engineer managed to turn himself into the limp-legged runner from QWOP by hooking his legs up to a bunch of electrodes controlled by — you guessed it the Q, W, O and P — keys on a keyboard. As you might expect, the results are hilarious (for us) and painful (for Hobson).