This Austrian Home Brilliantly Blends All Our Favourite Past Homes

Since we started this (fantastic, if you ask us) Home of the Week column, we’ve featured an insane amount of homes that toe the line between a work of art and a work of pure fantasy. Among many, many others, we’ve shown you jaw-dropping homes that resemble treehouses, homes that centre around a grand staircase, and homes that would blend in perfectly on the set of a sci-fi movie.

The Loft Panzerhalle in Salzburg, Austria is a brilliant amalgamation of all three.


Built in 2013, the two-storey “loft” keeps most of its 3,700 sqft sparsely decorated so that no one piece of furniture can claim dominance over the space. That is left to the concrete staircase, or ‘stair sculpture’ as the architects from smartvoll call it.

In addition to commanding the attention of all who enter, that staircase serves to not only open up every room in the house (and even cover them, in the case of the kitchen), but also has the appearance of holding them up.


The overwhelming beige-ness of the entire place should make it like the inside of a spaceship, but a good amount of natural light helps that issue. Shielded under the stairs is the kitchen, a seven-meter-long block, that appears as futuristic as it does easy to maintain. Appliances are so 2016.


A bare-bones bedroom can be found upstairs, suspended midair and bathed in natural light as if it was outside in the trees. A floating bookshelf sits on the other side of the room, equally kept up by the extended arm of the staircase.


The other side of the staircase is where you’ll find the bathroom, complete with a glass-encased shower stall that juts out of the wall, perfect for exhibitionists that want to make their guests as uncomfortable as possible.

Looking at the two images of Loft Panzerhalle above, it’s hard to believe that both aesthetics can be found in the same home.

Photos courtesy of Tobias Colz/smartvoll