A Beaver Herding Cattle in Saskatchewan Is the Most Canadian Thing You’ll Ever See

Last week, while I was in Augusta, Georgia (which is the golf tournament viewing equivalent of a Harvard grad saying they went to school near Boston), I met a couple of friendly fellows from San Diego. When I told them I was from Toronto, they were surprised. “That’s crazy. You don’t have an accent at all,” one said. I responded, smugly, that Canadians aren’t actually as “Canadian” as they might have been led to believe.

We’re a hip, cosmopolitan country! If I had had it with me, I could have shown them the New York Times story from a while back as proof. Gone are the Strange Brew days of flannel, and beavers, and mounties and maple syrup. Canada is dope AF — so dope, we’re even legalizing that shit.

And then I get home, and see this story about a herd of cattle politely following around a beaver in Saskatchewan. And I read this quote from the farmer that took the video: “He was out and about, I think looking for a new place to build a beaver lodge, and they were following him.”

I mean. It’s like we’re trying to prove the validity of our stereotypes. A beaver? Check. Farms where even the cattle are polite? Yup. Canadian colloquialism? Right on, eh.

Tomorrow’s top story: a Mountie skates after a shopper, after he realizes they didn’t get proper change for their purchase of maple syrup. Also…something about the playoffs.

That being said: beavers are pretty adorable. Cows, too. Canada kicks ass.