The Rise of the Stoner Mommies: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. The rise of the stoner mommies

“‘What’s up, everyone,’ chirps the 34-year-old mother of four, after the show’s sleek titles dissolve in what feels more like a makeup tutorial. But this is a different kind of how-to video, and VanEaton is a new strain of mommy blogger.

“‘I am the Stoner Mom, and this is the Stoner Mom show,’ VanEaton greets her viewers. ‘For today’s show, we are just going to do a solo stoner session together. Me and you. Because that’s all I have planned.'”

– The Daily Beast

2. Tucker Carlson and Fox News after Bill O’Reilly

“There are few forces on television more powerful than Tucker Carlson’s skepticism. Subjected to it, a pundit or politician will wilt, or stammer, or stand firm, or (very occasionally) respond with a convincing argument. Whichever way things go, the results are often compulsively watchable—at least for those with an appetite for televised discomfort. This skepticism has driven the success of Carlson’s show, ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ on Fox News, which will now become the cornerstone of the network’s prime-time lineup.”

The New Yorker

3. Will Ontario’s plan to cool housing work or do more harm? Both say economists

“After months of debate on how to cool Toronto’s super-hot housing market, the Ontario government today unveiled its 16-point plan. Measures include a 15-per-cent foreign buyer tax, expanding rent control, allowing Toronto to impose a tax on vacant homes and using surplus lands for affordable housing.

“But will it work — or will it do more harm than good?”

– Financial Post

4. Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood friend talks about his graphic novel My Friend Dahmer and its new movie adaptation

“One day in 1991, John Backderf got a phone call that retroactively changed his entire childhood. He learned that a horrifying series of murders had been committed by a friend of his from high school, a kid named Jeffrey Dahmer. Backderf is a cartoonist, and in the subsequent decades set out to tell the story of the troubled boy he knew as Jeff, using a mix of his own recollections and research into the young Dahmer’s life.”

– New York Magazine

5. Wrestling with Chyna: New documentary gives a look at WWE star’s final months

“In the first trailer for Wrestling with Chyna, a documentary that chronicles the final few months of Joanie “Chyna” Laurer’s life, the star gets candid about the moments that led to her death.

“The former WWE star, who in the 1990s became one of the best-known and most popular female professional wrestlers in history, died on April 21, 2016.”

– The Wolf