This Lust-Worthy Instagram Model Spends Her Days In a Chemical Engineering Lab

It won’t do to make dumb blonde jokes around Avery Marie. Sure, the statuesque beauty works as a model and fills her Instagram feed with lust-worthy photos. But she also holds a BSc in microbiology and is working on a master’s degree in chemical engineering. So, yeah: we dare you to challenge her to a test of smarts.

“I try to study for at least four hours a day,” says Marie, barely realizing how impressive that sounds. “Half the time is for my chemistry classes, the other half is learning how to speak Korean. I’m getting pretty good!”

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Marie decided at a young age to start modelling as a way to pay for her schooling, and has been balancing the two for years now. Despite loving the experiences she’s had in the modelling world, Marie admits her goal is to end up in a lab eventually, creating vaccines to help fight widespread diseases.

We’ve never felt so useless in our lives.


What is your worst habit?

I have such a weakness for baked goods and I have no control. It’s my binge food of choice.

What is your favourite class you’ve ever taken?

That’s a hard question. I would say it’s organic chemistry lab, because it’s high-intensity. You have two hours and are given a list of directions to follow to create something. It’s almost like cooking — you can follow the instructions to the letter, but you could also add in a few extra things to see what happens. An example is something like dehydrating ethanol to form ethene. You have a set amount of time to figure out the perfect process.

What’s your worst fear?

I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to the people I love in my life. That’s kind of dark, but it’s my worst fear.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you be?

I think Italy. I would love to eat the food all day [laughs], but it also looks so beautiful. I’m actually going to Italy for the first time ever at the end of the year.

What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

Oh! I get scared really easily, so those kind of films aren’t really my thing, but when I was younger I watched When A Stranger Calls and I got so scared. I was watching with a group of friends and there was a scene that made us jump at the same time that our pizza delivery guy rang the doorbell. I was so scared, I couldn’t sleep that night.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

Oh, that’s hard. I guess it would be finishing college in a subject I’m passionate about. I’ve also recently moved from the East Coast to the West by myself and I feel like that was a huge thing for me.


Photography: Dreamstate / Josh Ryan / Brian B Hayes