James Comey Says He Was Fired Because of Russia Investigation: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. James Comey lays out the case that President Trump obstructed justice

“Former FBI director James B. Comey on Thursday essentially laid out an obstruction of justice case against President Trump and suggested senior leaders in the bureau might have contemplated the matter before Trump removed him as director.

“Comey did not explicitly draw any legal conclusions. Whether justice was obstructed, he said, was a question for recently appointed special counsel Robert Mueller. But he said Trump’s request to terminate the FBI’s investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn left him ‘stunned’, and senior FBI officials considered it to be of ‘investigative interest.'”

Washington Post

+1: Read President Trump’s lawyer’s statement on Comey’s testimony – CNN

+1: The most important Comey takeaway is that congressional Republicans don’t care – Vox

+1: James Comey is not hotJezebel

2. UK heads to the polls amid tightened security

“Following the terror attacks in Manchester and London in recent days, security at polling stations has been reviewed and updated. Deputy assistant commissioner Lucy D’Orsi, the National Police Chiefs Council lead for protective security, said the election would take place during ‘unprecedented times’.”

The Guardian

+1: With Britons heading to the polls, Theresa May’s big lead has largely vanished – The Globe and Mail

3. Liberal government to support a shield law for Canadian journalists

“The Liberal government will announce they will be supporting proposed legislation aimed at protecting the identities of journalists’ confidential sources — just so long as legislators approve their plans to put further limits on the bill.

“The legislation would, if adopted, protect journalists from search warrants and surveillance from police and investigators. It would be Canada’s first set of journalistic ‘shield laws’ on the books.”

Vice News

4. Airbnb’s mega hosts are turning it onto just another travel booking site

“With hundreds of listings and major corporate backers, a new breed of Airbnb host is changing the fundamentals of the service.”

BuzzFeed News

5. ‘Runescape’ is having a Pride event, and players plan on riotting

“Thursday’s event will send players across the world to make a rainbow-colored scarf. Scandalous!”