Aston Martin’s Insane 1,130-Horsepower Hypercar Will Somehow Be Street Legal

Back in 2016, Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing announced plans for what they said was the “ultimate hypercar.” Today, we have a better idea of what they meant by that. What they meant was “mind-meltingly ludicrous automobile that has no business existing.”


Though the Aston Martin Valkyrie Hypercar is still being worked on — the automaker says it’s “95% of the way there”— the latest images of it will still leave your eyes in dire need of CPR.


The exterior of this slippery beast is dictated largely by aerodynamics, with either side of its cockpit featuring Venturi tunnels that push air around the car and out back to the rear diffuser, which helps keep the rear end to the ground.


The cockpit, meanwhile, is surrounded by so much negative space it looks like something straight out of Blade Runner. It’s a teardrop-shaped central pod (that somehow fits two people!), with the front wheels and fenders standing free of the body.


There are openings in the front fenders that allow air the flow over the car’s front wing more effectively. Nearly all the controls are mounted on the removable steering wheel, on either side of the embedded OLED display.


Packing a 6.5-litre V12, a KERS-style hybrid powertrain, and 1,130-horsepower, the Valkyrie is essentially a Formula 1 car with a license plate.


It’ll be priced at $3 million USD. No word on a release date yet. For now, just imagine driving this thing to the grocery store.