The 3 Best Colognes to Wear During the Day

Save your musky, spicy colognes for after dark. These three easygoing new scents are perfect for dabbing on at sunrise.


Yves Saint Laurent Y
YSL’s first new men’s fragrance in 11 years was well worth the wait. Modeled on a classic fougère, the scent has base notes of wood and leather offset by a few modern surprises, like citrus and geranium. $118


Boss Bottled Tonic

When we hear tonic, we think cocktail. And this spritz, which kicks off with citrusy sniffs of grapefruit, is all about refreshment. It’s shaken with a hint of cinnamon and ginger and served over earthy base notes to maintain a masculine edge. $97


Dior Homme Sport

Dior pumped some performance-enhancing molecules into one of its signature scents. With notes of blood orange, this version is decidedly more muscular than its predecessor. A sandalwood base keeps it balanced, ensuring it’s still flexible when it comes to wearability. $98