Enter Rex – Secretary of Sate Arrives in Ottawa: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Beleaguered Rex Tillerson arrives in Ottawa for NAFTA, North Korea talks

“Rex Tillerson has arrived in Ottawa for a series of meetings with top Canadian officials on key issues of the day, particularly how best to deal with an erratic nuclear North Korea and how to secure a renegotiated NAFTA as the trade talks teeter.

“This is the first official visit by Tillerson to Canada — despite precedent in recent years, U.S. President Donald Trump did not make his first trip abroad to Canada. He will sit down first with Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, then with the cabinet committee on Canada-U.S. relations, followed by a tête-à-tête with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau later this evening.”

CBC News

2. GOP tax bill passes house; Senate to vote tonight

“The vote itself was chaotic, with a handful activists sitting in the public gallery repeatedly interrupting Republicans as they introduced the tax measure before they were escorted out by Capitol Police.

“At one point, an activist yelled, ‘You are lying to yourselves!’ and told House Republicans they needed to go back to school to learn math, which elicited laughter among the House Democrats on the floor.”

Washington Post

+1: From Andrew Ross Sorkin: Tax cuts benefit the ultra rich, but nor the merely rich – New York Times

3. How Syria’s White Helmets became victims of an online propaganda machine

“The Russia-backed campaign to link the volunteer rescuers with al-Qaida exposes how conspiracy theories take root: ‘It’s like a factory’”

The Guardian

4. Barry and Honey Sherman sued builders of North York home

“The civil litigation that involved both the Shermans, who were found dead in the house on Friday, was one of many Barry was embroiled in, and offers a rare glimpse into the couple’s private life.

“They went on to sue at least five of the people and companies involved in the home’s design and construction, including Jack Winston Designs, Thomas Marzotto Architects and Ewing Construction.

All but two settled.”

Toronto Star

5. The people who read your airline tweets

“This is the strangest thing about people tweeting with airlines: They’re just a routine part of how the business works now. Tweets and Facebook posts go out via a social-media team and a customer-service team responds to the incoming problems, snark, and jokes.”

The Atlantic