P.K. Subban, Hockey’s Undisputed Most Stylish Man, Talks Suiting

RW&CO. & Sharp

P.K. Subban is many things: philanthropist (he recently donated $10 million to the Montreal Children’s Hospital), role model — and, now, fashion designer. For the fourth season in a row, the Toronto-born defenseman has partnered with RW&CO. to design a collection of men’s suiting that’s as sharp as his slap shot. But don’t take our word for it. We sat down with him in his new hometown of Nashville to talk about his life and style.

You moved from Montreal to Nashville last season. How’s the country music capital treating you?

I love it here. It’s been great so far and our team is starting to catch momentum. The year we had last year, going so deep and almost winning the Stanley Cup creates a certain energy in the city and an environment where people want to connect with the hockey players and be a part of something special. I’ve really enjoyed my time here and definitely have met some pretty cool people along the way. I was involved in a charity telethon and it was really awesome to see people like Keith Urban and Faith Hill.

This is your fourth time working with RW&CO. to design a collection. How would you describe the collection this season?

The main thing that stands out about this collection is that it’s extremely comfortable and easy to wear and that’s what you want. As somebody who has to wear a suit a lot, I can understand why people don’t like to wear suits — because they’re uncomfortable. That’s not the case with our collection. I wanted to give our clientele the opportunity to wear a suit and to be in a suit all day and feel comfortable.


Do you have a favourite piece?

There’s a windowpane suit that everybody seems to like. It’s actually pretty popular, but part of wearing a suit in my opinion is having variety. Every suit is unique so I think it depends on the occasion and how you feel that day and that’s going to determine what you want to wear.

How would you describe your personal style?

I think that it continues to change and get tweaked every year, but the one thing that I’ll always maintain in terms of my style and fashion sense is to straddle the line as someone who is creative and fashion-forward but also someone who is classic, clean, and sharp. I want to reflect and respect what I represent and that’s the organization I play for and my family, but I’m still 28 years old — I want to be fashionable. But the one thing that defines what I wear is that it has to be tasteful.

How does putting on a suit get you in the zone for a game?

It’s like the switch turns on and it’s all about business now because that’s what, in my opinion, a suit represents. When you see a man in a suit, you see that as a sign of someone who is professional. I feel that I am a professional, so that’s my sign of, “Hey it’s time to get down to business.” When I put on that suit it also represents that I’m someone who should be taken seriously and that’s what we want to accomplish every time we put a collection together.