Make Your Music Snob Friends Jealous with the Analogue Foundation x Globe-Trotter Listening Station

For a good decade and a half now, audiophiles have been grumbling about the death of hi-fi sound at the hands of lo-fi playback options (see: MP3s, wireless earbuds, streaming services). That discontent has, of course, led to vinyl’s widely heralded revival. Behold the latest manifestation of this digital resistance: an ornate wheeled cabinet combining life’s greatest simple pleasures — music and booze.


A collaboration between revered luggage brand Globe-Trotter and hi-fi collective The Analogue Foundation, it lets you spin records on a customized Technics SP10 turntable, replete with an array of top-shelf Audio-Technica headphones.


Right below is a drawer carrying a bottle of bourbon and a set of tumblers.


Bring the analogue revolution to your drawing room.


Price upon request,