Bitcoin Price Plunges After Hack of South Korean Exchange: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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1. Bitcoin on the descend after Coinrail hack

“It’s hard out there for people who play with imaginary money. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies plunged over the weekend after it was revealed that a South Korean exchange, Coinrail, was hacked. Roughly $42 billion of market value was destroyed in the sell-off, and Bitcoin has lost over 50 percent of its worth since December.”

– Gizmodo

2. Keep your sneaker game on point

“If the past few years in menswear have proved anything, it’s that kicks are key. So key, in fact, that 2015 saw over 9 million pairs of trainers resold at a total value of $1.2 billion, a statistic that suggests sneakers might just be the new stocks.

It’s not hard to see why. With the overarching instinct in menswear now being to loosen up, trainers are increasingly seen as acceptable, if not preferable, alternatives to ‘smarter’ footwear styles like Oxfords and Derbies. But with archive designs and limited edition packs dropping daily, even the most sleep-deprived hypebeasts can lose track of what is, and isn’t, worth copping.”

– Fashionbeans

3. Job description: tape together official documents Trump rips

“Trump is notorious for his “filing system”: when he is finished with a piece of paper, he tears it into tiny pieces and throws it away, which is fine if you’re a CEO (maybe), but is radioactively illegal under the Presidential Records Act, because the President works for the public, and is required by law to archive their official papers and save them for public scrutiny.”

– Boingboing

4. Check out this dope Lego ship in a bottle

“Inspired by the real thing, the Lego Ship in a Bottle is far easier to build. The detailed ship includes several masts, cannons, captain’s quarters, and a crow’s nest, and measures over three inches tall and five inches long. A display stand with a compass and globes supports the clear brick bottle, which measures over a foot long and is finished with a buildable cork and wax seal.”

– Uncrate

5. Louis Farrakhan racist comments lead to unverified Twitter

“Louis Farrakhan is no longer verified on Twitter.

Sometime over the weekend, the social-media giant quietly removed the Nation of Islam chief’s blue-check verification. The decision came shortly after a clip posted of Farrakhan warning about “the Satanic Jew.””

– The  Wrap