The Holistic Approach

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Chris Dewdney thinks in strategies. He’s calm, calculated and direct – something you’d expect from a top-tier financial planner. But while Dewdney was clearly born a numbers guy, what sets him apart from the competition – besides being recently named one of Landed Wealth Professional’s 5-Star Advisors in 2023 – is his commitment to the philosophy of what he calls a “holistic” approach to understanding his clients. 

“I prioritize building strong relationships with my clients based on trust, transparency and open communication,” says Dewdney, who founded boutique financial services firm Dewdney&Co. in 2016. 

His one-size-doesn’t-fit-all method has developed over the span of more than two decades in the industry, and he attributes the evolution to a combination of his obsession with continuous learning, practical experience after years of helping a variety of unique client needs, and a strong connection to collaboration and networking with other industry professionals. 

These pillars have seen him through evolving client concerns sparked by the pandemic (such as emergency planning, digital transformation and remote services, and mental health and financial well-being), as well as the seemingly endless obstacles being hurtled towards Canadians, like housing affordability and debt management. 

That approach is part of the reason that Dewdney was elected to the FP Canada Board in 2021, while he serves on the Research Ethics Board of St. Michael’s Hospital and is the chair of the Fintellect initiative – a collaboration between FP Canada and the Institut québécois de planification financière (IQPF), a body dedicated to leveraging new technologies to improve financial planning and increase its accessibility for Canadians.

It’s no coincidence that, to Dewdney, a great leader is someone who possesses an intentional mix of intellectual and emotional goods. His business is built on the idea. Along with a clear vision, killer communication skills and holding fast to high standards, Dewdney’s secret sauce for coming out on top boils down to softer skills: active listening and understanding, embracing change by being open to flexibility, and seeking opportunities for connection. As the leader of his team, he values diverse perspectives and ensures that the collaborative environment he fosters is designed to bring out the best in each individual. 

Chris Dewdley waist up in green suit looking off in the distance

“I recognize that personal growth is an ongoing journey,” he says. “I continuously seek opportunities to develop and strengthen these qualities further. I’m committed to learning, self-reflection and seeking feedback to become a better leader and make a positive impact on those around me,” he says.

Dewdney is a man of ambitious goals, and integrity and dedication are themes that extend further than his office. When he’s not crunching the numbers for his clients, you’ll find him testing himself physically in preparation for triathlons and Iron Man events. He values the lessons he gleans in his training, and the mental toughness and perseverance come full-circle to aid him in his professional life. 

“Developing this mindset enables you to face challenges head-on, adapt to changes and maintain a positive attitude when confronted with obstacles,” he says. 

Professionally, he plans to grow the firm and expand his offerings. Simultaneously, he wants to create a strong connection to the community. “I’m passionate about making a positive impact on the community,” he says. “By volunteering my time and expertise, I hope to contribute to initiatives that benefit others and address important social issues.”

At home, Dewdney’s biggest investment is his relationships with his wife and children – somewhere he commits to being fully present. “Finding a balance between my professional and personal life is essential,” he says. “Dedicating time and energy to both areas is important – they’re interconnected and contribute to my overall well-being and happiness. By pursuing professional growth and investing in my family relationships, I’m working towards building a fulfilling and meaningful life for myself and my loved ones.”

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