The First ‘Detective Pikachu’ Trailer Will Fill You With a Tornado of Mixed Emotions

If you, like me, grew up playing Pokémon, then prepare to feel a lot of things. The first trailer for Detective Pikachu sees Ryan Reynolds voice everyone’s favourite charged-up furball. No, he doesn’t raise his voice eleven octaves to sound like the Pikachu of yore. Instead, he sounds pretty much exactly the same as he does in Deadpool, while portraying the Nintendo character as a smart-ass, gritty detective. Along the way, we encounter an army of Bulbasaurs, a very cyberpunk Chinatown, and Ezekiel from The Get Down, who has seemingly hit puberty and gotten over Mylene. WHAT EVEN IS THIS!!!

Watch the sneak peak(a) for the movie, which hits theatres this summer, below: