Denzel Curry’s Scorching Rage Against the Machine Cover Will Make You Start an Office Mosh Pit

If the cup of coffee you had this morning did nothing to wake you up, we’ve got you. Just watch this video of Floridian SoundCloud rapper Denzel Curry laying down a breathless cover of Rage Against the Machine’s “Bull On Parade” for Australian radio station Triple J. It’ll make you feel like you just mainlined several cans of Four Loko.

Say what you will about SoundCloud rap, but this cover slays. I don’t even know what Curry’s actual music sounds like, but I do know that he channels Evil Empire-era Rage here better than Rage does these days. The 23-year-old goes balls out with some larynx-shredding screams and a fiery freestyle of his own taking on Trump. Are you hearing this, Zach de la Rocha? How’s that solo album you were supposed to drop last year coming along? And how about you, Prophets of Rage? Done playing the oldies circuit yet? Get your shit together, guys.