Refined Movement

Range Rover & SHARP

Refinement isn’t just about good taste. Well… not exclusively.

In automotive terminology, refinement describes the process of improving or enhancing the quality, performance and comfort of a vehicle. It’s about creating an overall experience that’s greater than the sum of the parts.

A lot goes into that. It’s about the powertrain, suspension, chassis and aerodynamics, as well as the interior and exterior design features. It’s about reducing noise, vibration and harshness; improving fuel efficiency; increasing horsepower and torque; optimizing ride and handling; improving safety features… The list goes on. Combined, it all creates a driving experience. It’s a hard formula to get right, and too often car manufacturers are forced to sacrifice comfort for performance — or vice versa.

But when it comes to refinement, the Range Rover Velar has been busy breaking the rules since the model first launched in 2017. And, if anything, the newest model for 2024 has just upped the ante that much more.

Consider its cabin, which showcases premium leather, soft-touch plastics and brushed metal finishes. Or its acoustic laminated windscreen and specially designed door seals that create exceptional silence. Inside, driver and passenger feel insulated from the uncertainties of the road and inclement weather.

But it’s in its connection to the road that the Velar really shines. The 2024 Velar just feels ready to tackle the roughest paths without complaint. Part of it comes down to the model’s optional Electronic Air Suspension, which helps it maintain its composure. Meanwhile, bumps get smoothed out with Adaptive Dynamics (an advanced chassis system that continuously varies the damping forces at each wheel) as well as an intelligent torque on-demand all-wheel drive system provides all the traction you need, regardless of road conditions.

The model’s comprehensive Dynamic Handling package upgrade also includes an adjustable suspension system and a drive-mode selector, enabling drivers to customize their ride to suit their driving style and preferences.

And Range Rover’s patented Terrain Response? It is accessible through Pivi Pro, allowing drivers to adjust the Velar’s settings to suit the driving environment, with not only a choice of Eco, Comfort, Dynamic, Automatic mode, but also Grass-Gravel-Snow, Mud-Ruts and Sand mode.

Velar clearly demonstrates that drivers don’t have to choose between comfort and performance. With enough refinement, you can have both.

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