A Peek Inside Drake’s Ridiculously Opulent Toronto Mansion

Toronto has been obsessing over Drake for a while now. So much so that the Canadian rapper was recently granted an exception by the city to install higher-than-regulation fences around his new Bridle Path mega-mansion. Speaking of which, Casa Yolo is finally ready — and while those fences might bar you from seeing too much of it, a new TMZ video gives us a peek inside.

Drizzy spared no expense on his new crib, splurging on only the necessities — you know, like a toilet that plays soothing sounds once it’s opened, and a custom OVO basketball court. I mean, truly the essentials. That bog better know every verse in “5AM in Toronto” or it was a serious waste of money.

A quick glance around Champagne Papi’s new abode shows us why he had to choose safety over steez with those colossal fences. While a bylaw states that no residential fence can exceed two metres in height, the North York community council allowed Drake’s fences to go up to 4.4 metres. It’ll be quite the challenge for superfans (who aren’t named Nav) to break in now.

We’ve been waiting to see the final product of the rapper’s home ever since he purchased the land in 2016, catching glimpses of the construction process on Instagram.

Looks like The Boy’s done pretty well for himself. Started from the bottom, now he’s here.

Feature Image: Norm Li