Justin Timberlake and Levi’s Are Bringing Fresh Leaves Back (Yeah!)

When Justin Timberlake isn’t busy being the perfect Halloween Instagram husband, he’s being a bona fide style icon. (And also, you know, doing that whole music thing.) Which is why Levi’s has tapped the man yet again for a wavy new collab. The latest Levi’s x Justin Timberlake: Fresh Leaves Fall/Winter 2019 collection, which dropped this week, features everything we love about the legendary workwear brand bundled with some creative input from Mr. Justified himself. (The last collection they did together sold out hella quick.)

The collab is essentially transitional outerwear Nirvana, boasting pieces like varsity trucker jackets, tapered cords, and a ridiculously cool reversible hooded shacket.

“When you work with such an institution like Levi’s, you don’t want them to be anything but Levi’s,” said Timberlake to The Hollywood Reporter about the latest collection. “And so it’s just a little bit of a swerve here and there on fit or cut or wash or texture and that’s it. And then saying, wouldn’t it be fun to make a workman’s vest, for instance, or wouldn’t it be fun to throw a hoodie on a trucker jacket? For the first two seasons, we created a bit of a left-of-center aesthetic and we just want to continue to play up on that.” Right on, Justin. We’re loving it.