Tiffany & Co.’s First Full Men’s Collection Is Packed With Shiny Gift Ideas

The little blue boxes of Tiffany’s probably conjure images of Audrey Hepburn and diamond engagement rings. But the brand has a long history of creating covetable trinkets for men — including the not-so-trinkety Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy, the Commissioner’s Trophy, and the US Open Tennis Trophy.

Now, there’s a full collection designed specifically with men in mind, including a chain bracelet, signet ring, square link necklace, and nearly 100 other new designs that don’t require winning a pro sports tournament to wear.

“Tiffany of course continues to offer the great classical jewellery that it is known for, like cufflinks, money clips, or I.D. bracelets,” says artistic director Reed Krakoff. “But this is a whole other spirit and point of view on jewellery for men — a more modern take.” Those little blue boxes never looked so good.