Where Can I Live out My Own ‘Home Alone 2’–Style Hotel Retreat as an Adult?

Seeking a hotel with enough design crew that you won’t feel guilty if you spend your entire stay in the room? Enter Antwerp’s August hotel.

Its designer, Vincent Van Duysen, works as the creative director for luxury Italian furniture company Molteni&C by day, so the hotel’s furnishings strike that rare balance between intriguingly sculptural and actually comfortable.

And the setting, a 19th-century nuns’ residence, maintains the calming aspects of a, er, convent while also adding in a hint of — dare we say it? — sexiness. (Note the strong presence of glam brass.)

Don’t get us wrong — Antwerp is lovely (particularly The Rubens House, a museum dedicated to the painter’s gory masterpieces that’s built inside his former home and workshop). But if your vacation consisted solely of room service, cable in bed, and the occasional trip to the hotel bar? You’d probably return home with the kind of spiritual calmness usually only seen in nuns.

Photos by Robert Reiger