7 Essential Tips for Growing a Beard

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably been taking this opportunity to slack off on your usual shaving regimen. Now, men who’ve never worn a beard are finding there’s great pleasure in abundant facial hair. You might’ve noticed this on social media, where everyone from Will Smith to Jim Carrey to John Krasinski and, of course, Chris Evans, are sporting excellently shaggy mugs. But remember: Zoom is a visual medium, and getting too scruffy might very well be bad for business. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few helpful tips to ensure your new beard looks as fulsome and fetching as possible. Why not give it a shot? If it doesn’t suit, you can always just shave it off.


That means four to six weeks of continual effort, depending on the rate of growth of your facial hair. Be sure to keep it looking neat even as you grow it out.

Time It Right

You’ll find making it through the grizzly, unsculpted phase of this process a lot easier if you start growing at the beginning of a vacation (or self-isolation, as the case may be).

Scratch That Itch

Beards itch, especially early on before the hairs begin to soften. Try a moisturizing cream to reduce the irritation, or a dandruff shampoo if things start to get flaky.

Get That B7 Boost

If you’re worried that your beard density won’t pass muster, biotin (vitamin B7, found in carrots, berries and walnuts) is known to promote hair growth.

Now You May Trim

Once you’ve gotten a full impression of your beard-growing capabilities, it’s time to begin sculpting. Shorten rogue long hairs and she off the more sparse hair high on your cheeks to create a thick, uniform appearance.

Develop a Beard Border

Picture an imaginary line, like a snug helmet strap, going from the back of one ear, down below your jaw, around the back of the other. Use this as a guideline for trimming the lower border of your beard.

Use the Right Tools

When it comes to trimming, refrain from diving straight in with a pair of kitchen scissors. Under normal circumstances we might recommend visiting a barber, but since that’s not possible you’ll want to invest in a decent clipper. Conair’s Barber Shop Pro Beard Designer fits the bill nicely, and allows you to trim to exactly the right, even length.

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