MINI Is Here With Your Weekend Entertainment

MINI makes highly entertaining cars, but it has nevertheless come as a pleasant surprise that MINI is also now making an entertaining video series — called MINI Virtual Meetups — which includes interviews with celebrities and special guests.

This Sunday, for example, will see legendary industrial designer Frank Stephenson — who penned not just the re-born 2001 MINI Cooper, but cars for McLaren, Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo — give a rare interview.

He’ll be in conversation with none other than Charlie Cooper. Yes, that’s “Cooper” as in MINI Cooper; Charlie is the grandson of John Cooper, the man who turned the humble original MINI into one of the all-time great sports cars and helped take it to multiple victories at the Monte Car Rally between 1964 and 1967. (The Cooper family is the reason the hot new John Cooper Works GP exists.)

Tune in to that on May 24th at 2PM EST here

Next Sunday, May 31st, Carlos Sainz, arguably the greatest all-around driver in the world, will talk to Charlie about what it takes not just to survive, but to win, in the deadly and grueling Dakar Rally.

Or, if you just want a MasterChef to show you how to make donuts at home this weekend, well, MINI has you covered there too.

The full lineup for MINI Virtual Meetups can be found here and past episodes can be found on the MINI Canada YouTube channel