Go Anywhere with the All-New Land Rover Defender

Opening the enormous door and jumping into the all-new Land Rover Defender is like crossing into an alternate universe. In here, inside this utilitarian cabin with an ambiance like some sci-fi Mars rover, it’s as if Land Rover had never stopped improving and updating the Defender. In truth, what actually happened is that the Land Rover Defender was almost frozen in time back in the ’80s. You haven’t been able to buy one in Canada for decades. Not until now, that is.

The all-new Defender has a lot to live up to. There is almost no place on earth that the old Land Rover Defender, and its predecessor, the Series Land Rovers, have not taken explorers and adventurers. Less glamorously, but more importantly, those early Land Rovers were also affordable workhorses, reliably serving the farmers and commercial enterprises that rebuilt Britain in the lean years after the Second World War.

The new model retains its ancestors’ go-anywhere, do-anything utility, but adds some everyday comforts and modern technology into the mix. Think: safari meets Starbucks. It’s so unlike any other SUV in showrooms today, it’s hard to believe the new Defender is real and not just a concept. It’ll have you looking at new roads and wondering: where could that take me?