Ask Harry: Ian Rosen Talks Grooming, Beard Maintenance, and Personal Care

Why did Harry Rosen expand into grooming?

Firstly, our team truly had a point of view that men need to invest in personal care the same way they invest in clothing. Your face is your most important fashion accessory! We spoke with many of our customers who felt like there were so many topics that they were confronting that nobody was talking about: balding, big grooming mistakes, and social pressure to groom themselves a certain way. We want to be the resource for men to visit when they have a question about grooming and personal care.

What are some must-have products?

It has to start with the right hardware. For me, it starts with a Wahl Magic Clip for my beard. Wahl is the choice of barbers around the world, and their clippers are built to last, with stainless steel blades that won’t rust or wear like other amateur beard and hair clippers. To keep my neck and edges clean, I’ve made the switch to a Merkur Double Edge Safety Razor. Using a Badger Shave Brush and a proper shave soap also protects you from irritation.

I’ve spent the past seven years with a beard on my face. I cannot express how critical beard wash and beard oil are to maintaining a healthy beard! Regular shampoo dries out your face, so a beard wash from Educated Beards or Bluebeards Original is designed to clean the skin underneath and condition your beard. TOM FORD’s Neroli Portofino and Oud Wood Beard Oil double as a great fragrance.

You can’t talk grooming without also talking about hair and body routine. We’ve been able to test so many innovative products that are easy to fall in love with, like the Natural Shampoo & Conditioner from Wise or the Black Pepper Everything Wash and Peppermint Texturizing Shampoo from Mast. Bonus: they are all made in Canada!
What’s your top grooming tip of all time?

Ensure you pull together scents that work together! One smell or scent profile should really be the hero that you build around.  It sounds harder than it is. Find your favourite scent and ensure you either line up products that share that same profile or work other products into your routine that are a little bit more neutral (think peppermint, maple, hemp seed).
Soap or body wash?

Soap! I look for something with an exfoliating scrub in it that can keep your skin from feeling dry. There is something about using a bar of soap that feels a touch more thorough than body wash.
The secret to great summer style?

After the winter we’ve all just been through, being cooped up inside, I know I’m excited to be a little more expressive and loud with my summer style. To wear a bright pink polo, balance it with a solid white pair of chinos or shorts. If you want to wear a great floral button-up, balance it with a clean pair of black or blue denim. If you lock onto a statement summer sports jacket, ensure you have a navy or white base in a polo and casual pants to guarantee it is the focus of the outfit. This even applies to your shoes; see that you have a clean brown loafer or a white or black leather sneaker. I personally like to focus on finding a pants style that fits me perfectly and ensures I’ve got a range of colours to work with, and the same goes for shorts. That way I can get expressive with a polo or a blazer without fear!


Bluebeards Original Beard Set

Growing a beard takes time, but maintaining it shouldn’t. Keep your style working for you with this Bluebeards Original beard grooming set. The bestselling fresh mint beard wash and conditioner gently clean both facial hair and the sensitive skin underneath, leaving you clean, soft, and smelling great. $90

Bluebeards Original Beard Set products

Mast Peppermint Texturizing Shampoo

Mast Hair’s award-winning shampoo uses texture-building particles to enhance natural wave or give limp, fine hair a thicker feel that’s ready for styling. Invigorating peppermint refreshes while you cleanse. The improved formula gives a rich lather that won’t dry your scalp. $45

Mast Texturing shampoo bottle

Merkur Safety Razor

Do you love gold even more than Goldmember does? Merkur figured that might be the case and went to the trouble of crafting you this C-3PO-coloured double-edge safety razor to help you get your job done in style. $95

Merkur gold-plated safety razor

Wahl Clippers

Renowned for its powerful rotary motor, Wahl’s Magic Clip is the industry’s favourite cordless electric razor. The stagger-tooth blade makes this razor actively work faster and smoother, while an adjustable leveller that varies the taper and texture of a cut without requiring constant blade-changing — perfect for fades and blends. $150

Wahl Magic Clip clippers set

TOM FORD Beard Oil

This TOM FORD grooming product promises to give your beard a soft and shiny appearance. The conditioning oil leaves an intoxicating Neroli Portofino scent and revitalizes facial hair to ensure it’s clean and well-kept. $70

TOM FORD beard oil