Why Lucifer’s Kevin Alejandro Can’t Let Go of “Detective Douche”

Lucifer fans, I feel for you. I know you love the show — you even brought it back to life, only to make it the second most streamed show of 2020. But all good things must come to an end, and after six seasons, we have to say goodbye. One thing, though, will surely endure: your undying devotion to Detective Dan Espinoza, played by none other than Kevin Alejandro. Here, Alejandro tells us about making his directorial debut, what he’ll miss most, and what’s next.

How would you describe Lucifer Season 6? 

Season six is the season that our fans have been waiting for. It’s such a mixture of fun, laughter, and pain all the while sticking to the heart and soul of the show we’ve created from the beginning. This season handles our final goodbyes in a beautifully poetic way. Bring a box of tissues!

Will we see Dan again? 

You will see Dan a little bit in this final season, but not in the way you would expect. I think the fans will love the way we are including him. Again, bring a box of tissues! There will be some beautiful moments between him and some of the other characters, again, in an unusual way. 

What was it like directing two episodes this season?

A dream come true! I wasn’t originally going to direct two episodes this season. I wanted to, but, we had so many of our favorite directors that we wanted to come back and finish out the show with us. Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich promised me that if anything happened with any of the other directors (because we were freshly back from COVID lockdown) I would be their “break the glass” director. And that’s exactly how I got offered the role of directing episode 609 (the first half of our series finale). I also directed the series premiere! Both were opportunities of a lifetime! 

How has your career evolved since Lucifer?

Well, I came into the show as an actor and I’m leaving the show as a multi-hyphenate: actor-director-producer-filmmaker. I am the luckiest man alive.  

What will you miss most once the show ends?

I will miss the 200 or more people it took to make this show! We are so fortunate to have worked with the best crew in this business. We love each other. I will miss all the laughs we shared on a daily basis. I can only hope my next experience will be close to as great as this one was. Here is to my Lucifer crew!! I love you guys and gals! 

How did you prep going into the final season?

We all knew it was the end and coming back during COVID wasn’t easy. But we didn’t let it slow us down from having a wonderful time. Once we realized that all the masks, gloves, shields, and goggles were just part of the job and the new normal, we were able to hit our Lucifer stride once again and for one last season!!

What is it like playing the same character for 5+ years? How will you let him go?

After playing a character for so long, a fair amount of your true self gets to shine through. That’s when you’re in the sweet spot. No choice is a bad choice. I loved this opportunity! I’m not sure that’ll I’ll ever fully let all of Dan Espinoza aka Detective Douche go. I love the guy. And I love how human he was and allowed to be so complex and evolve throughout the show. 

What was the last day of filming like?

As you would expect. A bunch of overgrown children sobbing because mom said we couldn’t play with our friends anymore! It was beautifully emotional and full of gratitude, respect, and love.

Did you take anything from set?

I took the best memories a human being could ever ask for. And I might have taken a little bobble head of myself off Dan’s desk! 

Do you have a favorite memory from set you can share with fans?

My favorite memories are always the ones at night… When we’re back at our trailers in between setups and Lauren is sitting on her steps, I’m standing across from her having a nice conversation while Tom plays his guitar next to us. Always brings a smile to my face. 

What’s next for you? 

Who knows. I’m not sure. All I do know is that I’m going to continue to look for that next compelling story to be a part of. Whether it be acting, directing, writing, producing, or all of the above, I know it’s out there and I will be lucky when I find it. In the meantime, I will continue the journey life sets in front of me, and never take it for granted.