The HP Chromebase Is Everything Home Computing Should Be (and More)

SHARP & Google

After years of identifying as digital nomads who swore by the on-the-go portability of a laptop, we’ve finally started to appreciate the merits of a dedicated home computer. Sure, a laptop is great for life on the move — but the longer our laptop spent parked on our kitchen countertop, the more we realized it just couldn’t match the screen real estate and ergonomic comforts of a proper workstation. Plus, we got tired of recharging it. That said, a lot of desktop set-ups involve bulky CPUs and monitor pairings that require a whole mess of cables — making them less than ideal decor for the heart of our home.

Enter the HP Chromebase, a home computer that combines the clean, all-in-one form factor of a laptop with the robust appeal of a desktop. Not only does it integrate a speedy Intel processor, dual speakers, and touch-enabled screen into a single slick package, it also runs on Chrome OS, Google’s powerful yet easy-to-use (and, thanks to automatic background updates, always ready-to-go) operating system. Here are three reasons why the HP Chromebase is ready to serve as your home’s new digital headquarters.

HP chromebase (paid) from sharp dec 2021 - in post

It Adapts to Your Needs

In a welcome innovation, the HP Chromebase’s 21.5″ screen rotates between landscape and portrait orientations with a simple push. When positioned vertically, the screen allows you to view long documents or dinner recipes with less scrolling, making for a much more natural reading experience. And when it comes time to stream a video? Just tilt the screen back to its horizontal arrangement for an appropriately cinematic screening.

It’s a 9-to-5 Powerhouse

Not only does the HP Chromebase easily pivot between different screen orientations, it also seamlessly swaps between work and play. On WFH days, it offers easy web access to Microsoft Office apps, plus a whole host of other productivity and creativity apps via the Google Play Store. Plus, built-in virus protection and a dedicated Titan C security chip ensure that all of your work stays safe and sound.

It Makes Screen Time More Social — and More Safe

Install the HP Chromebase in your kitchen so the kids can surf the web while you cook dinner. Wishing that an out-of-town family member could join the meal? The computer’s five megapixel webcam boasts excellent clarity, even in low lighting. Meanwhile, privacy features help to block any uninvited guests. Family Link tailors various features to different age profiles, while a webcam privacy switch guarantees no one sees you raid the fridge at 3 a.m.

Learn more about the HP Chromebase here.