Enter the Matrix with Hamilton’s New PSR MTX

SHARP & Hamilton

When it premiered in 1999, The Matrix blew the world’s collective mind with its cutting-edge special effects and a storyline that called the very fabric of reality into question. More than two decades later, the film’s central idea that we are all nothing more than avatars sleepwalking through a computer-generated world is as tantalizing as ever – perhaps even more so given the surreal events of the last few years. This month, however, director Lana Wachowski – alongside Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss from the original The Matrix – return to flip reality on its head once more in The Matrix Resurrections. Never missing an opportunity to take part in cinematic history in the making, Hamilton has created a 1999-piece limited-edition version of its digital PSR watch dedicated to the film.

Matrix Hamilton in post

First released in 1970, the Pulsar (the watch on which the PSR is modelled) was a groundbreaking creation in its own right. As the world’s first digital watch it was adopted by rock stars, movie stars, and other tastemakers with a taste for cutting-edge tech. More than 50 years later, digital watches aren’t as impressive as they once were, but the design and optimism of the Pulsar remains just as alluring. Hamilton’s PSR, a watch added to the brand’s mainline in 2020, is a faithful adaptation of that original design, with a distinctive look that will easily earn it a place in any watch lover’s collection. 

Matrix Hamilton in post

For the new Hamilton PSR MTX, Hamilton’s designers took elements from The Matrix and incorporated them into the PSR’s retro-futuristic design. Foremost among these is a bright green LCD in place of the PSR’s standard red one, and an all-black steel case that really makes the numerals pop. Flip the piece over and the Hamilton PSR MTX reveals another homage to the world of The Matrix in the form of its “digital rain” motif engraved on the case back. 

This, of course, is just the latest release in a long line of watches created for the big screen. As Hollywood’s go-to watchmaker, Hamilton has been making timepieces for marquee films for nearly a century, from Elvis’ Blue Hawaii to 2001: A Space Odyssey, to Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Earlier this year, it broadened the scope of its collaborations, becoming the first watchmaker to simultaneously release a watch in a video game and IRL – the Khaki Field Titanium Far Cry 6 Limited Edition. Fortunately, unlike that collab, Hamilton won’t make you wait until the December 22nd premiere of The Matrix Resurrections to release the PSR MTX, which is available now for purchase on Hamilton’s website. 

Learn more about the Hamilton PSR TX here.