GOODEE Wants Us To “Slow Down” With Their First Ready-To-Wear Collection

Slowing down has been a big theme lately, only heighted by the onset of the pandemic. The pandemic has ruined a lot of things but one positive thing (no pun intended) that came from it was learning to slow down and value our time a little more. Another thing that came from it was a loungewear obsession. We were stuck in our homes and just wanted to be comfy. Now we’re (mostly) back to wearing jeans and slacks and dressing up but every now and again, we throw on our favourite sweat set.

What better way to dip our toes back into loungewear — but for really just lounging and not for 24/7 wearing — than with a loungewear collection built on the principle of slowing down.  

GOODEE — the B-Corp certified, Black-owned marketplace specifically curated for good design, good people, and good purpose — has just launched their very first ready-to-wear offering. The brand’s “Slow Wear” collection is the first installment of Slow Living at GOODEE and centred around caring for oneself in order to make time with others that much more meaningful. The brand has collaborated with a ready-to-wear company in the past, but this collection marks the first time GOODEE’s producing their own apparel.

The Slow Wear collection, according to the brand’s founders, designers Byron and Dexter Peart, is for everyone — “a gender neutral wearable collection that is ethically produced by a GOTS certified manufacturer in Portugal.” It sees a revamped version of their best-selling Hoodie — now the GOODEE Hoodie 2, and the addition of GOODEE lounge pants — in five colourways.

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Whether you’ll be rocking your set in Quartz Rose, Black, Eden, Grey, Melange, Multi-V3, or perhaps mixing and matching, taking it slow has never looked so good.