Psycho Bunny’s Vice President of Brand & Marketing on the Brand’s Disruptive Ethos and Individuality

SHARP & Psycho Bunny

Since its founding in 2005, New York City–based Psycho Bunny has built a reputation for its meticulously crafted threads, as well as its ability to recontextualize everyday menswear staples — including the polo and t-shirt — and push them in bold, expressive directions. In advance of Psycho Bunny’s very first store in Canada, SHARP spoke with vice-president of brand and marketing Matt “Hatchy” Morein about the importance of self-expression and what to expect from the brand’s brick-and-mortar experience.

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Self-expression is central to Psycho Bunny. How does the brand help customers express their own personal style?

The power of self-expression is undeniable, and confidence in being your most authentic self is foundational to the brand. Psycho Bunny is for those who want to step out of the conventional and be whoever they want to be that day. Our customers can opt for more classic styles, or they can go bold, depending on their mood. It is interesting to see how some of our customers go deeper into the brand over time, often starting with our core collection and eventually leaning more into the bolder pieces featuring artful graphics and vibrant colourways.

Why has the polo shirt endured as a menswear staple?

The unique nature of the polo is that it’s incredibly wearable. Somewhere between a t-shirt and a button-down shirt, it’s the perfect dress-up dress-down piece that effortlessly fits into your lifestyle and wardrobe. Made in Peru from 100 per cent Pima cotton, our polo features mother-of-pearl buttons and taped seams for an elevated look and feel. Four thousand stitches go into sewing every bunny logo, and our exclusive diamond-knit piqué fabric provides a one-of-a-kind texture that is tough but luxurious.

Every season, we iterate on the polo with updated designs — whether it’s the trims, tipping, or print details that add pops of colour and personality to each piece. Psycho Bunny is classics reimagined. What that means for us is upholding the quality and craftsmanship standards one comes to expect from a luxury brand, and fixing them onto something that doesn’t concern itself too strictly with being conventional.

What can we expect from your Canadian brick-and-mortar experiences?

Each store will carry the brand’s full assortment of polos, t-shirts, outerwear, and accessories. [We credit] our growth and intensely loyal fanbase to our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and individuality — and our store concepts are designed to keep these elements at the forefront of the experience and continue our evolution as a dynamic and innovative retail brand.

Our Eaton Centre store is our first to open in Canada and features a 270-degree digital screen “brand portal” that will offer an immersive dive into the Psycho Bunny universe. Opening in the fall, our Canadian flagship store at the Yorkdale mall promises to be our most evolved store concept to date, elevating the customer experience to new heights. Working with local artists in key markets, the content shown on the brand portal will showcase an artistic expression of each city through the Psycho Bunny lens.

Hatchy’s Hero Pieces for Summer

Geo-Print Swim Shorts

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“Crafted from a lightweight, quick-dry polyester fabric, they’re outfitted with a mesh lining and rubber-tipped drawstrings at the waist for a comfortable wear.”

Wardell Polo

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“Outfitted with our trusted trimmings, side vents, and a collar that never rolls.”

Larkin Big Bunny Tee

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“This tee really rings true to the brand, with an embroidered bunny logo, core navy colour, and pink trim detailing.”