Hacienda Patrón and the Art of Tequila

SHARP & Patrón

Something extraordinary is happening down south in Jalisco, Mexico. Hacienda Patrón has been producing premium- quality tequila for more than 30 years, delighting even the most discerning palates worldwide. As we navigate an era with a rejuvenated thirst for authenticity, Patrón continues to pioneer artisanal sipping. With 100% Jalisco Highland Weber blue agave leading the charge in each field-to-glass bottle, Patrón — which translates to “the boss” in English — makes for more than just a stocking stuffer. As gifts are concerned, it can be the main event.

Fast consumption is, for most of us, a thing of the past. If you’re the type of imbiber who is looking for a salt lick prologue and a lime chaser, or a worm at the bottom of the bottle, Patrón isn’t your party. But if you’re looking for finesse, it can be found in each of master distiller David Rodriguez’s creations. Just look for the signature bee on the bottle to know you’re in safe hands — 60 of them, to be precise, as that is how many are involved in making each bottle before it leaves the distillery.

patron tequila holiday gathering

How do you know which Patrón expression is for you? Well, it depends on your budget and flavour profile. The general rule of thumb is: if you want to know how good a tequila is, start with the entry-level offering. Patrón Silver offers a perfect, crystal-clear white spirit with a smooth, sweet taste and citrus aroma. If all you want for Christmas is to be sipping a well-made margarita on a beach somewhere, the Silver is fresh off the pot-still and ready to stir your tastebuds into a frenzy.

Patrón’s Reposado adds a little extra kick to the mix. Aged in oak for two months, expect hints of wood, spice and vanilla, as well as splash of amber to the colour. Making a play in the brown spirits category, Patrón’s Añejo really is a God amongst men. Aged for a minimum of 12 months across a mixture of French and Hungarian oak, as well as ex bourbon casks, the palate is tantalized with sweet oak wood, raisins, honey, and light char, making it the perfect replacement for whisky in traditional mixology, or a highbrow sipper in its own right. Think of it: Añejo Old Fashioneds.

patron tequila expressions

The art of Patrón doesn’t just end with the liquid, which is used to fill attractive glass bottles that are evocative of timeless style and sophistication. The bottles — which are often retained by liquor fans as keepsakes — are hand-sealed with Portuguese cork. Each vessel is given a unique number, a reminder of the small-batch approach to spirit-making adopted by the Hacienda. One more thing: the bee. Patrón’s iconic symbol is a nod to the pollinators that are deeply attracted to the Weber blue agave plant harvested by Patrón’s Jimadors. Perhaps not quite so coincidentally, bees have become poster boys for our global fight for sustainability, which is something Hacienda Patrón takes incredibly seriously. Not only was Patrón the first distillery to install a natural gas pipeline to their production facility, they also proudly boast a state-of-the-art water treatment system and are working to protect the Weber blue agave plant within their close-knit farming community. With a company motto that instructs “Drink Well, Do Good,” we can’t think of a better way of celebrating the holidays this year.