Timothée Chalamet: Bleu de Chanel’s New Ambassador

Timothée Chalamet is one of the rare names that doesn’t need an introduction — his star became a supernova in record time, with roles in Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird, and Dune (among others) showcasing both excellence and versatility. With a pop culture relevance reminiscent of 90s boyband-mania and the celebrity mystique of old Hollywood stars, Chalamet makes a fitting ambassador for the latest formula of Chanel’s timeless scent, Bleu de Chanel

Per the brand itself, Bleu de Chanel is a cologne for “a man who does not limit himself to the ordinary boundaries life sets and looks beyond what is visible.” This type of person, they say, is captured by Chalamet’s “visionary and edgy spirit.”

Timothée Chalamet for Chanel

The contents of the bottle, of course, live up to their lofty reputation. A spritz on the wrist smells like an early spring walk through the woods: base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, and cedar anchor top accents of grapefruit and pink pepper, blended with middle notes of nutmeg, jasmine, and ginger. Subtle yet assertive, the men’s fragrance symbolizes the quiet elegance Chanel is known for. 

When asked what the cologne represents, Chalamet said: “Not unlike movies and storytelling in general, the scent and the narrative behind it are open for interpretation.” The actor’s involvement, then, is especially apt – he says he’s always been drawn to literature and philosophy: “One-liners that make sense about the truth of life – that’s where it’s at. It comes down to whatever helps you make sense of the day and where you’re going.”

Chalamet continues to pad his resume in 2023 with roles including Paul in Dune: Part Two and the titular character of Willy in Wonka, both due to premiere this year. In the meantime, the 27-year-old is set to act as Bob Dylan in James Mangold’s A Complete Unknown, filming this summer. 

Just as busy, the French fashion house has enjoyed a high-profile spring, epitomized by the Met Gala’s Lagerfeld tribute. Fittingly, the productive pairing is more than a regular endorsement – in typical Chanel fashion, the campaign is a marriage of art and luxury. The advertising campaign, shot by Mario Sorrenti, is set to drop in June 2023, followed by a film directed by Martin Scorsese (The Wolf of Wall Street, The Irishman), scheduled to release this fall. 

The film will be the second of Scorsese’s in Bleu de Chanel history; he directed late French actor Gabriel Ulliel (Hannabal Rising) for a fragrance promotion in 2010. Special events like these don’t just make their mark culturally – for Chalamet, a scent renders memories indelible. “For me, personally, there’s a specific intention behind fragrance. I’m not someone who wears a scent all the time. When I do, it becomes emblematic of a moment, and later there’s a nostalgia for that moment and it becomes something more meaningful.”

Bleu de Chanel bottles

The collaboration marks the first time Chalamet has served as the official ambassador to any beauty or fashion label. We’re sure, however, that the actor will join the industry with ease – as Chalamet told Chanel, “If something doesn’t evoke fear, it’s not challenging enough for you to do.”

Learn more about Bleu de Chanel here.

All photos supplied courtesy of Chanel.