NHL Fits of the Week

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We’ve reached the two-month mark of the NHL season with the holidays around the corner, meaning the dust has largely settled when it comes to the general hierarchy of talent throughout the league. For the most part, the cream has risen to the top and the contenders have begun differentiating themselves. When it comes to the pregame tunnel, the same can be said for hockey’s style vanguards. Auston Matthews, Jack Eichel, K’Andre Miller, Brad Marchand — we know what to expect from the league’s most respected menswear enthusiasts. But the beauty of a long regular season is that it’s always primed for the unexpected.

Whether it’s the lowly Bluejackets upsetting the Bruins last month or a seasonally vibrant green suit on its way to the arena, there’s no telling what might steal the spotlight. This week, we’ve delivered a selection of pregame outfits from some of the league’s otherwise overlooked style enthusiasts, from Michael Pezzetta’s pinstripes to Linus Ullmark’s pregame boutonnières.

Michael Pezzetta #55 of the Montreal Canadiens

Michael Pezzetta #55 of the Montreal Canadiens NHL Fits
Photo by Vitor Munhoz/NHLI via Getty Images.

Typically, I’m one to think that the margin for error when it comes to pulling off a formal fedora is razor-thin. But, this season, Montreal’s Michael Pezzetta has taken the inverse approach. The forward has been a volume shooter when it comes to pairing his wide collection of fedoras with every conceivable outfit, from powder-blue sports jackets to this double-breasted pinstripe suit. Pezzetta’s pregame style is utterly singular, usually blending traditional menswear silhouettes with audacious patterns and colours, making this look one of his more subdued outfits this season. To recreate Pezzetta’s Humphrey Bogart-esque suit, look towards this Relaxed-Fit All-Gender Suit in Virgin Wool and Cashmere from Boss.

Tomas Tatar #90 of the Colorado Avalanche

omas Tatar #90 of the Colorado Avalanche
Photo by Ashley Potts/NHLI via Getty Images.

From an initial glance, it might seem redundant to feature two green suits on the same week — but including Tomas Tatar’s brilliant two-button ensemble goes far beyond embracing the holiday spirit. Paired with classic brown Oxfords, an auburn knit tie, and a timepiece fit with a brown leather strap (that we’re sadly unable to identify), the intensity of Tatar’s suit colour is balanced perfectly by warmer accessories. I suspect this particular suit was custom-made for Tatar; that said, you can find a slightly more subdued version from British designer Paul Smith in Bottle Green, made with mohair-enriched wool.

Linus Ullmark #35 of the Boston Bruins

Linus Ullmark #35 of the Boston Bruins
Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images.

Boston Bruins goaltender Linus Ullmark saw his stardom grow earlier this month following the release of a mini-documentary outlining his turbulent and inspiring journey to the NHL. Before then, Ullmark’s story was largely unknown by casual fans and masked by a soft-spoken off-ice persona. The same can be said for his role as the NHL’s unofficial suit specialist, a position he’s embraced on social media. But despite sticking to more traditional suit patterns than fellow style enthusiasts like Auston Matthews or Pezzetta, Ullmark’s style instincts shouldn’t go unnoticed. This week, he paired this burgundy double-breasted suit with a pair of Steve Madden Brown Leather Chelsea Boots with a bright boutonnière to complement the look.

Filip Forsberg #9 of the Nashville Predators

Filip Forsberg NHL style
Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images.

In a month filled with exceptionally colourful pieces, Filip Forsberg’s collection of sharp grey suits is something of a palate cleanser. Don’t get me wrong: individuality is an obligatory ingredient to building one’s personal aesthetic. But it only works if it’s done authentically. Just as Pezzetta’s pinstripes are so quintessential to his sense of style, so are Forsberg’s understated array of black and great jackets. In some ways, his style mirrors his one-ice play: dependable, precise, and perennially poised. Here, his look is just that. Arriving at the arena in a perfectly tailored grey suit with a subtly patterned dark blue tie, the Swedish winger makes the case for tasteful simplicity.

Justin Danforth #17 of the Columbus Blue Jackets

Justin Danforth NHL style
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images.

If you’ve been following the NHL regular season, you’ll know that the aforementioned Blue Jackets have found wins hard to come by through the first two months of the season. But the re-emergence of Justin Danforth following a season-ending injury last year has been one of the team’s lone bright spots. Since returning to the ice, Danforth has made a point of making his presence known, an effort that stretches to the pregame tunnel. In a sea of uninspired black suits and grey beanies behind him, Danforth entered the arena with a sharp two-piece green suit. To cap off the look, the winger opted for a pair of gorgeous Melrose Cap Toe Derbys from Magnanni in a warm Cognac colour.

Featured photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images.