The Living Language of Glass

Range Rover & SHARP

Glass is more than a medium. It’s an invitation to explore the intersection of functional décor and works of art, to join in a conversation of ingenuity and innovation. Born from breath and fire, each piece is an imprint of the artisan’s experience and traditions handed down through time that have undergone transformations of their own.  

For Montreal, QC-based Verre d’Onge, created by Jeremie St-Onge, glass is a living entity. St-Onge’s style is defined just as much by his personal artistry as it is by the techniques and traditions passed down from past leaders of the craft. Informed by the space that exists for spontaneity and nuance, each piece comes to hold unique characteristics that distinguish it from the others. St-Onge views these aspects as part of a larger arrangement within each collection, creating a fully realized ensemble. 

Functionally, his glassworks can be used as vases; decoratively, each piece is an art object. St-Onge’s pieces adopt forms and concepts influenced by ceramics and archaeological glass, with lines and colours that reveal pictorial, even romantic, compositions, creating timeless pieces rooted in tradition. 

St-Onge relies on a rotating palette and signature matte sandblasted finish for his pieces, with each glasswork a one-of-a-kind study of form and colour, often featuring pastels, creams or a pop of bold hue. His process is a delicate balance of knowledge and feeling. Exploring the complex properties of glass while imagining the opportunities available in abstract form, each unique piece provides a redefined experience of naturalistic home décor. 

Verre d’Onge crafts the full design process, start to finish. From design, development and fabrication of new glass pieces, the studio conceptualizes unique custom vases and ensembles, as well as glass pieces for luxury lighting features, while providing consultation and production for other projects. 

The studio’s clients range from retailers coveting new collections to residential and commercial projects requiring custom ensembles. Little wonder it counts among its clientele Montreal-based interior design firm Studio Kiff; Toronto-based home goods retailer Souvenir Studios; Paris-based furniture designer Pheromones, Shanghai-based gallery Single Person, and more. 

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